About us

Based on relative kind of business history back to 2009 for our well known sisters co DEN & Twanist
Bargash co for Electrical industries had established in 2019 then open the large factory in Kurdistan as electrical industries base for the group and to providing to the Iraqi markets more and more requested products had been imported completely from outside Iraq

bargash Factory


The 1st stage had founded in Erbil on 13600 sqm representing in eight large hungers divided to covering mechanical & electrical activities as sheet metals line, powder coating line, mechanical assembly line, E house assembly line, Mobile substation line, Kiosk assembly line and finally LV panel assembly line providing around 40 job opportunity in this stage only


Bargash co had strongly believe in development with high potential of ambushes to be as part from formula one factories in Iraq, there for we had establish strong relationship with Schneider electric signing MV, LV product license, and agreements for level development as eco expert (global power builder) ,and ultimate panel builder
In the same time we will start soon the stage 2 of the project in 2nd half of our factory land to build next quantity 10 new hungers providing more and more job opportunity to the youth generation from our

The Bargash team

United by expertise and driven by innovation

Our Certificates

Environment management system

ISO certificate

Quality management system


occupational health and safety management system

Bargash is working on strategic partnerships with well-known manufacturers and suppliers in order to get licenses and start partnership agreements.

This cooperative endeavor demonstrates Bargash’s dedication to providing innovative solutions via solid industry alliances.

Our Factory

Laser Cutting machine

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Polyurethane Sealing Machine

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Press brake machine


Punch press machine


Surface treatment & Painting line


Mechanical / Hydraulic shear